Ok it’s January! Your on a mission to get back in shape or back on track with your goals but that mission is HARD! You start the year all guns blazing then suddenly reality hits. Eating well & having the motivation to exercise consistently requires effort & is TOUGH!

Trust me! I know – it is very difficult at times to get re-focused & to get your mojo back. I have trouble myself.
We are all human! It’s impossible to be 100% motivated all year round. But as long you keep consistent to your routine & do the best you can during the times when your motivation is lacking, you won’t have much catch-up work to do when your motivation comes back strong!

When I’m struggling & I am trying to get my head back in the game, these are a few tips I like to remember to put into practice…I hope they can help you!

▪️Tip 1
For this, I use a notebook & sit down & write down what my weeks training will look like. I commit ahead to go to the gym on specific days of the week & at certain times. I treat it like a work commitment that I absolutely will not miss. Look ahead and be firm – decide you ARE going to stick with it, and don’t allow yourself to make excuses.

▪️Tip 2
Being prepared is so vital to achieving success when it comes to fitness goals! If you are a regular gym-goer, you might see the same people each week and many of them don’t change year after year even though they go to consistently. Why?? This is because they do not change their diet! in my opinion, diet is closer to 80% of the whole picture. Whenever I am not prepared, I might reach for the most convenient foods, which are normally not the best choices. Or, I might be so hungry that my portion size suddenly creeps up! So, my recommendation is to cook in advance and in bulk if you can. Measure out servings and put them in tupperware containers in the fridge or freezer – It is much less work since it is all prepared and ready to just take each day!

▪️Tip 3
In my opinion – This is a great way to start your day. Make a walk or some stretching, or if you can – a workout part of your pre work routine. Since doing this I have come to really enjoy it. It is a quiet time that is Time for me. It’s a great booster, gets the heart rate going & gets your head in the zone for the day ahead.

▪️Tip 4
Someone once told me to a to put little notes around the house to keep you accountable to your goals! Pop a post it note in places you use regularly with affirmations & positive notes like ‘stay focused’, ‘everyday one step closer’ ‘keep strong’ etc. Daily reminders to be epic to help you stay on track with your goals! Ir does actually work & it’s fun to do.

▪️Tip 5
It’s very easy to mistake Feeling hungry when actually it’s dehydration and you need to drink!!! Keeping up your water intake can help improve your blood flow during workouts, improved skin tone (especially during the dry winter months), muscle recovery and of course increasing your energy!!

▪️Tip 6
Sometimes when I’m stressed or not recovering well I notice I don’t sleep well. This is usually the cause! Sleep, rest and recovery are so important! When I go to bed and get up at the same times each day I am much more positive and successful in all other areas of my life. Routine sleep is as important as your nutrition and training! Give it a go. Your body will adapt to this well.

Lastly. HAVE FUN with setting goals and applying yourself to them! Living a healthy lifestyle can be so rewarding, will empower you & you will feel amazing!

Keep at it….things will fall into place! Be consistent and your MOJO will come back with CONFIDENCE ✌🏼