Gluteyful  Plans

All the below PDF’s are workouts I have personally used to help me achieve different looks. They give comprehensive advice on warming up correctly, proper execution for activating the glutes and exercises are explained in depth so you can perform each movement perfectly to yield optimal results.

My Gluteyful Plans

My Top 10 “Build a Butt” PDF

£1999One Off
  • My top 10 FULL Glute training sessions
  • Warm up explanations
  • All exercises explained fully
  • Perfect for ladies wanting a variety of glute workouts

Bikini Wellness Program PDF

£1499One Off
  • 3 lower body workouts
  • 2 upper body workout
  • Core work
  • Cardio suggestions


£25One Off
  • 5 lower body
  • 1 upper body
  • Core work
  • Perfect for ladies who want to focus on their lower body

Tight and Toned PDF

£1499One Off
  • 2 lower body
  • 2 upper body
  • 1 whole body
  • Core work
  • Cardio options
  • Perfect for ladies who want a toned body all year round